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    "The new docuseries produced by ABC News Studios and Wall to
    Wall Media is tentatively titled, "The Ashley Madison Affair,"
    and is slated for release on Hulu in late Spring 2023. Wall to
    Wall Media is part of the Warner Bros. International Television
    Production group.

    "Featuring exclusive footage and untold firsthand interviews
    from those involved, the series will explore infidelity,
    morality, cyber-shaming and blackmail and tell the story of
    ordinary people with big secrets and a mystery that remains
    unsolved to this day," reads a Jan. 12, 2023 scoop from The

    "There are several other studios pursuing documentaries on the
    Ashley Madison breach, and it's not hard to see why. On July
    19, 2015, a hacker group calling itself The Impact Team leaked
    Ashley Madison internal company data, and announced it would
    leak all user data in a month unless Ashley Madison voluntarily
    shut down before then.

    "A month later, The Impact Team published more than 60
    gigabytes of data, including user names, home addresses, search
    history, and credit card transaction records. The leak led to
    the public shaming and extortion of many Ashley Madison users,
    and to at least two suicides. It's impossible to say how many
    users lost their jobs or marriages as a result of the breach.

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