• lucky refer-a-friend, it works!

    From August Abolins@2:221/1.58 to All on Thu Apr 20 21:02:00 2023
    I've been a subscriber with LuckyMobile.ca for several years.
    It's one of the self-administered "consumer" mobile services
    available in Canada.

    At this time they have a Refer-a-Friend program that rewards
    the referee as well as referor with up to $50 ($5/mo for 10

    It even works if one of the referalls is made to a NEW
    Luckymobile user who subscribed recently. I had a friend sign
    up with Lucky recently when I said "too bad you already did
    that cuz the refer-a-friend program could have rewarded you
    (and me) with $50".

    BUT, I decided to give it a try anyway.. I initiated the
    referal, it generated a custom link for me, and all I had to do
    was send that link to my friend. Conversely, my friend
    responded to the link and filled in his information.

    After a month, the referal was granted, and we both qualified
    for $50!

    Each referor can refer up to 5 friends.

    Here's my link: https://referral.luckymobile.ca/augusta-24


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