• bank shirks responsibility

    From August Abolins@2:221/1.58 to All on Thu May 25 22:15:00 2023
    Kinda mobile related since mobile tech "security" was at play..

    I can't believe that someone fell for this:


    And yet..

    "Although he filed a complaint with TD, his request for reimbursement was denied as was his appeal. He'll have to pay back the $13,000 cash advance in full. The bank offered three months interest free, then it goes back up to 30 per cent interest."

    It is disturbing that the bank is refusing to take ANY responsibility. The original fraud was committed by the scammers who managed to take out a cash advance from the victim's credit card and deposit that money into the victim's chequing account.

    This part is disturbing..

    "In a letter explaining the decision not to reimburse Shattah, the bank said its investigation showed a "one-time passcode was sent to your device with your Easyweb password being changed."

    "Shattah said he never requested a password change and believes the scammers requested it. Typically, an alert is sent to a customer's phone asking them if they asked for the change. Shattah never received one and believes the scammers may have redirected the alert."

    So.. how could the scammers have commandeered the request to have a temp pw changed and routed to a new phone number? Something at the bank went horribly wrong and they ALLOWED the transaction. The bank SHOULD be responsible.


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