• 911 quick dial, android 12

    From Aug@2:460/256 to All on Tue Jul 11 20:57:50 2023
    Hi All...

    There was a recent news story and interview with a 911 representative mentioning that they've been getting a lot of bogus calls from people who have this activated. Apparently, the two greatest culprits are when parents are give their phones to toddlers and when the phone bounce around in the cup-holders of cars. 911 quick dial is activated by 5 consecutive quick presses of the on/off button.

    I checked my android 12 based phone, and it does NOT specifically mention quick dial in the "sos emergency" section.

    Comparitavely, Emergency Location Services (ELS) is a separate function that allows emergency responders to query your phone location even if you have basic location services disabled.

    Any.. with ELS "on", the quick dial doesn't work on my phone.

    It doesn't even work on my Android 13 based phone.


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