• --subj: vixens of vinyl - delayed, yet again

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    --subj: vixens of vinyl - delayed, yet again.. --

    This one has been promised for 2019, but it kept getting pushed later and later. The latest planned release date is now Feb 1 2022. :(

    "Vixens of Vinyl: The Art and Allure of Vintage Album Covers is a dazzling tour of over two hundred beguiling album covers. Originally conceived as an easy way to sell albums to a predominantly male audiophile audience, this simple ruse soon took on an art of its own and much fine work was done. Author David Boykin has been collecting and researching the history of vixens of vinyl for over twenty years, and here, for the first time, presents his collection and narrative. Sure, vinyl is hot again--but the covers are hotter."


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