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    Hello bob.roberts!

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    It's pretty clear that in the re-release she's matching her
    vocal style from the original recording, but her maturity
    still shines thru. Not everyone likes her early Pop-Country

    Yeah.. sounds too whiney. I don't like the real-time story-
    telling of her lyrics either.

    You might enjoy the two acoustic folk albums she released over
    the past few months. She and Aaron Dessner (from The
    National) worked on them over Quarintine. The albums are
    "folklore" and "evermore". Nothing like her pop releases and
    good for a cold snowy day.

    That sounds pretty good. Will consider an audition.

    She will do fine. Since present fans will be busy streaming and
    listening to both versions for camparison,...

    She'll do fine yes. But I think it entire situation
    highlights the many ways that Record Labels have designed in
    order to screw artists out of their music. The good news is
    that there are so many more ways to self-release these days
    and actually get play and attention. Obviously she's wealthy
    and popular so has an advantage in all respects. Plus her
    highlighting the situation with her fans gets her even more
    attention and play.

    I went down a little rabbit hole of paino-related videos that
    very quickly led me to Rick Beato's stuff. One of the first
    one's I watched was "Almost Famous - Why Record Labels Suck-
    6oWsgTAXc8U.mp4". It was an example how a big label can ruin

    If you like Taylor S, you may like the lead singer in "I Nine -
    Seven Days Of Lonely" There is a similarity.

    Another vid entitled "How KATY PERRY 'Was Inspired By' I Mean
    COPIED This Song" intrigued me. He's quite a versatile fellow,
    operating mixing boards, plays guitar, piano, etc.. I'm going
    to check that channel for sure.

    I'd actually be very interested in a Boxset of the re-
    recordings once they are complete. In a nice binder with
    artwork and probably a high price tag. :-)

    Someone made a joke about those kinds of collections, that it
    was peculiar that a fan of a particular band or artist who
    already has all the material in various separate original CDs or
    LPs from over the years, would buy the "complete" set re-issues
    decades later.

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