• SPOOKIFY!! AI pens songs from BEYOND THE GRAVE?? (Report)

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    SPOOKIFY!! AI pens songs from BEYOND THE GRAVE?? (Report)

    [from RT]

    "Artists such as Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse, and Jim Morrison have had 'BRAND NEW' material written by AI ? despite the musicians being long gone!

    "Called ?Drowned in the Sun ? Lost Tapes of the 27 Club?, all the featured artists notoriously died at 27. AI software created ?new? pieces based on an analysis of an artificial neural network. (Disclose)

    "The songs were then recorded by real musicians, some from corresponding tribute bands. ?Over The Bridge?, a Toronto-based organization, have released the material to highlight mental health support.

    "Whether it will be classed as ghost writing who knows? But let?s hope the end result is dead good!

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