• #XboxReveal Day: Where to

    From Michael Ryan@1:103/705 to All on Tue May 21 09:58:00 2013
    May 21st 2013 6:46 am PT

    #XboxReveal Day: Where to watch

    Watch the main event today at 1p ET/10a PT/17:00 GMT via the live global
    stream that will be available on Xbox LIVE and Xbox.com. If you are in the US or Canada, you can also watch the broadcast on Spike TV.

    Note: The Xbox.com version should be viewable on most mobile devices.

    If you have a If you have a Windows Phone 8, download the free Live Event Player to view watch the stream.

    The full show will be available later in the day for viewing via video on demand on Xbox.com and Xbox LIVE.

    PLUS later today at 3p ET/12n PT/19:00 GMT I am hosting a special #XbxoReveal recap show that will ONLY be streamed on Twitch.tv During this time Iíll be joined by guests who will go into more detail about our #XboxReveal announcements. This will be available later in the day on Twitch.tv for playback as well.

    If you canít join us for the live event, you can follow me on Twitter where Iíll be sharing the news throughout the day.

    Follow me on Twitter for additional updates.

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    Hello Michael!

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    Its not music heh


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