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    I "discovered" the music of Paula Nelson, (Willie's daugher) not long ago. I like some of her tunes. Her voice has a bit of a country nasal sound. but she makes up for if quite nicely with a cool controlled bluesy bend-the-notes style.

    Notable tunes for me from the Little City recording:

    "Rainy Day Friend". The guitar intro is super cool. It goes on for a while. It gives the impression that it might just be an instrumental.

    "Have You Ever Seen the Rain". A duet with Willie.

    "Baby Blue". A good performance and interesting guitar throughout. Reminiscent of Chris Isaak.

    "Ready or Not". Seductive bendy vocal tricks.

    "Drink". A cool bluesy rocker. A duet with another wonderful singer. This song seems to channel Shooter Jennings.

    "Riddles and Rhymes". Love this tune! Very nice and bendy. This sounds like it could be a Shooter Jennings tune too! Perhaps a duet would work.

    "Laugh While You Can". Changes tempo about three times. Feels like two songs in one.

    "Little City". An easy smooth sound. A simple story.

    This recording is getting plenty of replay on my systems.

    Next up, my review of some other recordings by Paula Nelson.

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