• Musical Gettogether..

    From Mike Dippel@3:712/1321.5 to ALL on Sun Sep 24 15:14:30 2023
    Yesterday, my wife and I met other hobbyist musicians at our Organ and Keyboard club
    room to entertain each other.

    There were violins, mandolins, keyboards and organs and even a little singing displayed.
    I love music and it was nice to see a fairly big turnout for this inaugural event. We will
    hopefully do it again one month from now with an even bigger turnout.

    Some club members are afraid to play in front of strangers, but this helped them relax a
    bit when they saw others doing it.

    I have seen that music has definite health benefits as demonstrated when Tony Bennet
    met with Lady Gaga in front of a large crowd. He went from total dementia, to total
    Tony Bennet.

    Mike Dippel

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