• Nightwish..

    From August Abolins@2:460/58 to All on Tue Nov 17 01:23:10 2020

    --to:Wilfred van Velzen--

    [This one didn't seem to make from the Fido side, so I'm posting from TgM]

    Hello Wilfred!

    ** On Monday 16.11.20 - 15:30, Wilfred van Velzen wrote to August Abolins:

    I mentioned Nightwish some time back. Was it from that?

    Don't think so. I'm just connected to this area since about yesterday... Or was it somewhere else?

    I wasn't using MUSIC either for a while either. I don't think
    it was backboned since it had expired a while back. But I
    think it may have been in another net.

    [..time passes..]

    I found the one where I mentioned the group on Aug 30:

    ABS: Ogg@21:4/106.21
    BET: What are you listening to right now?
    EDA: 20200830000200S-4
    MID: 21:4/106.21@fsxnet e7e6b843
    BEZ: 77405.fsx_gen@21:1/183 23b11ac6
    MAILER: OpenXP/5.0.46 (Win32)
    ORG: /|ug's Point
    X-XP-NTP: 30
    X-XP-Charset: IBM437
    F-TO: The Millionaire


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