• What's new in beta 6

    From Janis Kracht@1:261/38 to All on Wed Jul 26 10:29:02 2017
    WinRAR - What's new in the latest version

    Version 5.50 beta 6

    1. File association option for JAR files is off by default
    in WinRAR installer unless you enabled it earlier in previous
    WinRAR versions. You need to enable this option manually
    if you wish to associate WinRAR with *.jar.

    2. Unless "Allow absolute paths in symbolic links" extraction dialog
    option or -ola command line switch are specified, WinRAR does not
    allow to extract symbolic links with ".." in target if any of
    link path components is an existing symbolic link itself.
    It is done to prevent bypassing WinRAR security checks with
    chains from several symbolic links.

    3. Bugs fixed:
    a) if "Add" command was used from inside of archive opened
    in WinRAR interface, "file not found" error could be issued
    for files which pathnames included spaces;
    b) fixed crashes when unpacking corrupt RAR archives;
    c) "rar a arc. filename" command created "arc." archive
    with trailing dot instead of expected "arc" without any

    d) "New folder" button in extraction dialog selected a parent of
    newly created folder instead of such folder itself;

    e) "Checksum error" could be mistakenly reported for some valid
    GZIP archives.

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