From Mickey@1:229/307 to All on Mon May 15 12:23:53 2023
    Hi guys. Looks like I wasn't able to get this thing off the ground. I have the bbs receiving echo mail from fido, fsxnet, and WWivnet ok now.

    I've just finished a 4th clean intallation and now I can't connect remotely, I keep getting an error evoking CreateProcess error and I have no idea why. I combed the configs as best as you can with WWIV and I see nothing wrong.

    It's not a telnet port issue, and not a file/directory error. not set as a closed system. No idea. Failing this, can I get a fido feed to the WWIV areas. I do like the guys I've spoken to and don't want to drop wwiv completely.

    Thanks for your help. Like I said before, I'm kinda late to the party here.

    Mick Manning

    ... Help! I can't find the "ANY" key.

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