• WWIV and Echo Networks

    From Mickey@1:229/308 to All on Mon Jun 12 12:18:22 2023
    Hello guys. I have a strange issue I can't fix.
    I'm hoping it's an easy fix. :-)

    My current settings,

    1) Besides WWIVNet, fidonet and fsxnet have their ownd dir in 'nets'
    2) The fsxnet dir contains 'filearea'.sub files, fidonet does not.
    3) Fidonet works fine.
    4) Mail arrives for fsxnet, all files go to dead.net in the fidonet dir.
    5) The fsxnet dir has no dead.net file.
    6) At setup Fidonet was set as 'fidonet' type conf. So was 'fsxnet'

    Was I correct at selecting 'fidonet' style net work for Fsxnet? Is there a better choice? The mail arrives but WWIV does not seem to know what to do with them. All the additional settings and subtypes are there including fsx_gen etc are correct, but WWIV can't see them.

    Thanks for helping me out with this.

    Mick Manning @141

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